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Barre exercises will tone and sculpt your entire body with challenging ballet-inspired workouts. You'll strengthen your arms, abs and legs with small, rhythmic movements all while having a lot of fun!

By holding, pulsing and stretching, we will elongate, lift and reshape multiple muscle groups including your thighs, seat, calves, arms and abs! In addition to building long, lean muscles, you’ll also increase endurance as well as improve your mind/body connection by bringing a newfound awareness to your fitness routine.


Ballet barre (French for 'bar') conditioning exercises with elements of dance, and functional, body-conditioning training. Although the classes are based in dance movement, dance experience isn't a necessity to take part in the classes at all! Each person can be challenged at her own level in class without affecting anyone else’s workout. The moves are low impact, but include high intensity intervals, body-weight strength work, followed by effective stretching which functions as your recovery.

AT THE BARRE by Little Ballerina is a barre fitness boutique studio for women. Our barre boutique studio is based in Section 5, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.


Please inquire for more info via email smunwl@gmail.com

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Contact Us


Staphanie Mun Chen, Founder 

Tel: 012-385-1501

Email smunwl@gmail.com


Staphanie Mun  Chen
Entrepreneur, wife and mother of 3

Staphanie Mun, the founder of AT THE BARRE LIFESTYLE by Little Ballerina, started barre fitness movement in Malaysia. She have been teaching ballet for 17 years.


She graduated with a Master of Pharmacy. Her great passion for ballet, and love for teaching, gain her many students from all walks of life.


She inspire PEOPLE to get to know their body, love their body, be in tune with their body. Have a very healthy and positive relationship with themselves, will translate into eating better, exercising, stretching more, for a younger and agile body and mindset.


She brings fun into the art of balance, control, grace in her fitness workout.



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