Eating before a barre class is a good idea to make sure that you have enough strength to endure the class. Make sure that you eat something light, not too heavy, so that you don't feel weight down, or the food is slouching around your tummy.

Some of the right snack to eat before class include, fruits, yoghurt, nut or dried fruits. So that you have the energy for your body and mind alert enough to learn and absorb what the teacher is teaching you during class.

Staphanie Mun Chen

Founder of AT THE BARRE

Please wear comfortable, breathable workout wear.

We suggest tight fitting clothing so that the instructor can easily see form and alignment.

The workout is done in socks on the 1st lesson, we will be measured your feet for a pair of ballet slippers for future classes.

Staphanie Mun Chen
Founder of AT THE BARRE

Here are a few benefits of Ballet Lessons for Adults:-

1) Ballet is not just for the athletic, the artistic, or the young. Homemakers, physicists, philanthropists, lawyers, secretaries- ballet is more popular than ever among people of all métier, all ages.

2) Ballet offers both a break from daily life and a challenge with its own distinct mental and physical rewards.

3) In class you become a part of the grace and beauty you see onstage, and it becomes part of you.

4) Ballet also provides a great workout, with lasting benefits of toning, lengthening, and stretching. Every inch of your muscle will be actively engaged in movements. We will teach you feel the muscle you never thought you can control! You will end up shedding a few pounds and have a well...

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