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"As a young working professional, I do pole dance, lap dance and I like barre as a complement to the high-intensity workout," --- Margeret, 20+ years old.


"Staphanie takes ballet and makes it not just relevant, but awesome fun for beginners like me (even if we are 30 years late). She has a knack of putting people at ease, and teaches from her heart. Sessions are never prepared to share some laughs!! --- Amy, Dental surgeon, 30+ years old.

" Staphanie is a great teacher - there were so many things I didn't think i could do that she showed me was do-able. Thanks heaps for her encouragement and patience!" --- Raina, PR entrepreneur, 30+ years old.

"Taking classes with Staphanie has brought so much life to me in this season. I feel like i have progressed more in the past 6 months with her than i did in 1.5 years at my old studio. Amazing teacher and ballerina!" --- Andrea, Mother of 1, 30+ years old.

"Staphanie is a my personal private ballet instructor, she is a joy bringer. To be able to do ballet again is like soul food to me." --- Symn, Attorney, 40+ years old.

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